Need to start somewhere

Before I took up photography, I was a writer. When I was in high school and college, I wrote all the time. I wrote bad poetry. I wrote some good poetry. I wrote lots and lots of stories I never finished. I wrote papers for college. I wrote long, long emails and letters to friends. I got a BA in English so I could investigate writing for a living, but I got a BA in Art too, concentrating in photography. I wanted to make sure I had some hopes for job prospects. 

I stuck with photography. I went to graduate school, and have worked creative jobs ever since, and they all included photography in some ways. In 2005, I started a freelance company, and it lived for a little while on this site. I still have that freelance company, but I don't take on as much work as I used to because I have a full time job. 

I want to revive this site. I need to spend more time on my own art, my own writing, my own enterprise. I have been writing, but privately. I've been a photographer as a career long enough that from time to time people ask me about photography, about how to infuse creativity into their careers, or how to have a creative career in the first place. I meet with people, and on a few occasions I give online lectures at work, but I haven't captured what I tell people anywhere. This might be a good place to do that. 

It's easy to get lazy with creativity in this digital age too. I take photos nearly every single day, but usually with my iPhone. Is that cheating? I don't think so, but yesterday I went on a photo walk with some friends at work and we showed an intern around the 21C hotel. I just took a few quick photos, but I had a bit of time when I got back to my desk, so I downloaded them to my computer and I played with a few of them in Photoshop. That was fun. I almost never do that anymore. So here, maybe this is also my own kick in the pants to do that more.

It's not that I don't pick up the camera. Quite the contrary. I take photos nearly every day at work as a part of my job. That is very, very cool and I know how lucky I am that I get to do that. It's not just luck, though- it's years of hard work and muscling in. Maybe I should share those stories. I've never been hired as a photographer as a day job, and yet I take photos nearly every day for work. I do it because I volunteer to do it. I volunteered to do it enough that now I am asked to do it, and I have equipment that work allowed me to purchase. So I use work's cameras all the time. But my own camera sits in a cabinet, iPhone getting all the love. That's today's photography conundrum, yeah? The best camera is the one that you have with you. But if you are into this business, it's not about just one camera, one vision. It's about so many things.

So here's my start. I'll give an infusion to my writing practice, and put some of my photography and creative life thoughts out into the world to see what happens.