52 weeks of photos- week 8: Family


My mom & dad


My in-laws- my husband Chris's parents  

I take photos every day, and at work I take photos of people all the time, but rarely do I take photos of my family. It's partially because I love being with my parents and in laws, and spending time with them, and I want to be in the moment. Taking pictures is my job, and so it's nice to leave the tools of my trade in their toolbox when I'm not working. 

Our moms are like me- I don't love photos of myself these days and society is hard on women- no one wants to see themselves looking older or less than model perfect. But come on now, all of us are real, genuine folks, and the heck with model perfect. These are the people who made me, who raised me, who infused my childhood with art and love and helped me build the very foundation of who I am.  

Chris's folks wanted to see my new camera, so I brought it to the restaurant where we took his mom out for dinner and I took a few photos of each set of parents with it. 

I liked these because our moms are laughing in them. Both of our moms are the chattier ones in their unions- our dads are both pretty quiet. My mom loves hanging out with everyone and she likes talking to us and my in-laws, and Chris's mom is also chatty and likes joking around. Chris jokes around just like his mom. It's fun watching what personality traits carry on down the line. 

So here's a little photo tribute to our families. Glad they live close and we are so lucky that our folks like each other so much that they sometimes get together without us!