Fall Photo Project

I didn’t have time to keep this blog up to date earlier this year, so I turned off its visibility on my website, but with the arrival of fall, I thought it would be fun to do a photo project. Play along if you like. There are no set rules- do any of these prompts whenever the spirit moves you and post on your favorite social media platform or share them with me if you like. I don’t like to “critique” people’s photos- I got enough of that in graduate school and I don’t think that encourages creativity- I think it encourages inhibition and self-doubt. I will only share my encouragement. Adults don’t get to be creative often enough- I want to encourage us to have fun and to get out there in the beautiful fall weather and take photos.

  • Take a wide angle landscape shot

  • Take a walk downtown and photograph the city

  • Capture fall foliage. Peak fall color is predicted October 5-21 in Kentucky.

  • Go somewhere you’ve never been before and take photos

  • Nostalgia trail: photograph things that bring back memories for you

  • Photograph something you love 

  • Photograph someone you love

  • Photograph a stranger (with or without them knowing)

  • Nom: photograph delicious food

  • Black and white: take a look at what some of your images look like in BW

  • Sunrise/Sunset

  • Halloween spooky: go take photos in a cemetery